Accountancy & legal

Questions such as: Do you need to register for SEIS / EIS ? How do I employ someone? Do I need to set up and operate a PAYE scheme ? Register for VAT ? Deal with HMRC ?

You will need a reliable accountant who charges fairly and can guide you before you make mistakes which are avoidable and time consuming, being costly to rectify later.

It is for this reason we have negotiated unique arrangements for our start-ups to have access to exactly the right support from an experienced accountancy firm (Samuels LLP) as part of our offering. The first hour is free and you will get a lot of very useful information and support to help you on your way. Who said nothing is free! Have a look at their web site on and ask for a free extended consultation using our promotion code “SAJ”.

Samuels LLP offer a particularly excellent service to start-ups and early-stage ventures. They tailor an advisory package to suits start-ups need, with the emphasis on value, so you can focus on your building the business and keep costs to a minimum. They also provide introduction to Legal advisors with whom they have worked with for a few years ensuring you get a suite of services that you need with a focus on your needs and the value it brings.