Incubation / Accelerator / Tech services

Many start-ups need to develop a MVP or need websites, software development at the front or back end. Even having a mobile app (IOS or Android) can be expensive and mistakes can be made if a founder lacks software development skills and does not have a co-founder to assist with this.


I have co investors who are tech experts and we are open to investing our money into the above on an equity basis where we believe we would develop what's needed at a fair cost and allowing the founder(s) to focus on the other parts of their business and its development.

We would commit to a £ figure of man hours in return for a percentage of the company..

You are welcome to take a quote from others to compare and we also can offer development / software services on a purely fee (non-equity) basis. Our team of developers is experienced in all major languages and has experience in building / developing some large scale projects nglobally.