Alex Brees , founder – Unhurd (portfolio company)

“Sajiv's approach to investing is practical, thoughtful and with no filter (in a good way). When Sajiv invests in you, he truly becomes part of the vision and mission and strives for the best outcome working with you, not for you or against you.”

Sanjay Rawal , Open Futures , Property Developer

“Sajiv has tremendous experience which he can bring to bear to give sane advice about most business inflection points. He's upfront and generally will have quick turnarounds but will also expect fast responses from you. Keeps everyone on their toes.”

Mark Ryan, Start Up founder , Motivate Me

“Kind and clever guy, been very helpful for my start up”

Peter Banks, Start Up founder, Motoparks

“Great guy , very clever and helpful “

Sanjay Sahni, Investor, Entrepreneur

“You services and are truly extraordinarily professional and result oriented. Thanks to your efforts, I got a good exit out of a from a start up company that I invested into. Look forward to working with you on more exciting projects.”

Gabriella Micheva, Start up founder

I cannot stress enough how incredible my experience has been with my consultant and angel investor Sajiv. His extensive knowledge and expertise in the start-up realm have been invaluable. Sajiv provided insightful feedback that I successfully incorporated into my pitch, tailoring it perfectly to the target audience. His professional recommendations elevated my business to new heights. I wholeheartedly endorse this consultant for anyone seeking guidance and support . A true gem in the world of start-ups!

G Sachdev , Tech entrepreneur, founder Big Wong Restaurants

We initially found Sajiv's advice a bit hard to accept, but after some initial pushback, we decided to take his feedback on board. Looking back, we now realize that we should have listened to him earlier. If we had followed his advice, we would have saved a significant amount of money and time. We appreciate Sajiv's expertise and wish we had sought his guidance sooner. G Sachdev , Tech entrepreneur, founder Big Wong Restaurants