Student / Graduate investment

Student-entrepreneurs see the world through a unique lens. They are the most exposed to cutting edge technology, innovations, and societal change. That’s why game-changing companies are consistently emerging from universities: Snapchat, Facebook, and Figma to list a few.


Some people will argue you need 3 years of banking or consulting to start a company. They are wrong, With enough hard-work and passion you can start building a start-up that will have an impact now...

If 25% of US-based unicorns are started at university, why couldn’t this be the same in the UK? That’s why we exist: select, support, and invest in high-potential founders.

We will invest in up-to 10 student-led start-ups per year from leading universities. You get £5000- £10,000 as initial capital for a 5-10% equity stake. If you need additional support, we can invest up to £25,000 in SAFE. Tech support / MVP / Digital Marketing support can also be provided.


We ask you to be determined and serious about building a start-up full-time in the next few years. This opportunity will change your life if you are ready for it. People that apply should be willing to reject a job offer if they are doing great. This would be the commitment before receiving an investment from us. Being in your last year of bachelor, masters or PhD is a plus. You can also apply if you graduated or in a gap year.


I have co investors who are tech experts and we are open to investing our money into the above on an equity basis where we believe we would develop what's needed at a fair cost and allowing the founder(s) to focus on the other parts of their business and its development.